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DMOR and HMOR Recipients

2007 - 2019

Distinguished Members of the Regiment (DMOR) are current and former members (veterans) of the 506th Regiment or 4BCT who have been recognized for their service to the Regiment or 4BCT and/or continued distinguished service to the US Army, their communities, and the Nation.

Honorary Members of the Regiment (HMOR) are individuals who have made a contribution or provided a service to the 506th Regiment or 4BCT, but who have never served with the 506th Regiment or 4BCT.

Complete information can be found in the publication US Army Regimental System (AR 600-82); Section 5-3 refers to the honorary positions; item (4) is DMOR; item (5) is HMOR.


DMOR Recipients

Congessional Medal of Honor

Final Rank or at time of DMOR



Conflict or Era

When Inducted

  CPT(Ret)   Robert L Acklen, Jr.* Vietnam 16-May-07
  SPC   Jose Alvarez Iraq 16-May-07
  CSM   Mark L. Atchley Iraq 16-May-07
  1LT   Anthony N. Borrelli World War II 16-May-07
  CPT   Joshua Brandon Iraq 16-May-07
  LTC   Gregory K. Butts Iraq 16-May-07
  CSM   Larry L. Chapman Fort Campbell 16-May-07
  CSM   Michael P. Catterton Iraq 16-May-07
  COL   David L. Clark South Korea and Iraq 16-May-07
  LTC   Ronald P. Clark Iraq 16-May-07
  1LT   Lynn D. "Buck" Compton World War II 16-May-07
  CSM   Timothy D. Coop Iraq 16-May-07
  LTC   Scott A. Coy Iraq 16-May-07
  CSM   Chris W. Fields Iraq 16-May-07
  SP4   George H. Fry Vietnam 16-May-07
  LTG(Ret)   David E. Grange, Jr. Vietnam 16-May-07
  SSG   William J. "Wild Bill" Guarnere World War II 16-May-07
armymoh.png SP4   Peter M. Guenette - CMH Vietnam 16-May-07
  LTC   Christopher G. Hall Iraq 16-May-07
  2LT   John E. Harrison Vietnam 16-May-07
armymoh.png COL(Ret)   Frank A. Herda - CMH Vietnam 16-May-07
armymoh.png PFC   Kenneth M. Kays - CMH Vietnam 16-May-07
  CSM   Charles Lakin. Jr. Iraq 16-May-07
  PFC   Gerald J. Loraine World War II 16-May-07
  LTC   Artur M. Loureiro Iraq 16-May-07
armymoh.png LTC   Andre C. Lucas - CMH Vietnam 16-May-07
  1LT   James R. Magouyrk - DSC Vietnam 16-May-07
  SGT   Arlen R. Mayfield Vietnam 16-May-07
  SP4   John P. Melgaard, Jr. Vietnam 16-May-07
  LTC   Kevin W. Milton Iraq 16-May-07
  CSM   Robert L. Moss Iraq and Afghanistan 16-May-07
  SGM(Ret)   Robert H. Olinger World War II 16-May-07
  SGT   Gary D. Pagan Vietnam 16-May-07
  SPC   Gregory Pushkin Iraq 16-May-07
armymoh.png LTC   Gordon R. Roberts - CMH Vietnam 16-May-07
  CSM   Hideshi J. Sasaki South Korea and Iraq 16-May-07
  LTG(Ret)   Robert F. Sink World War II 16-May-07
  MAJ   Kenneth Tanner Vietnam 16-May-07
  1SG(Ret)   Herman L. Trent - DSC Vietnam 16-May-07
  COL   Thomas D. Vail Iraq 16-May-07
  CPT(Ret)   Terry Van Meter Vietnam 16-May-07
  CSM   Michael R. Wagoner Iraq 16-May-07
  CSM   Joel F. Webb Iraq 16-May-07
  PFC   David K. Webster World War II 16-May-07
  SSG   Jeremy Wilczek Iraq 16-May-07
  LTC   Brian E. Winski Iraq 16-May-07
  MAJ(Ret)   Richard D. Winters - DSC World War II 16-May-07
  SSG   Stephen G. Avgerinos Vietnam 16-Aug-08
  COL(Ret)   Linwood E. Burney Vietnam 16-Aug-08
  SGM   James C. Clinton Iraq 16-Aug-08
  PFC   Kenneth J. David Vietnam 16-Aug-08
  COL(Ret)   John P. Geraci Vietnam 16-Aug-08
  SSG   Gary A. Gilliam Vietnam 16-Aug-08
  GEN(Ret)   John W. Hendrix Vietnam 16-Aug-08
  SSG   Ronald B. Kane Vietnam 16-Aug-08
  SSG   Octavio Laguna Fort Campbell 16-Aug-08
  SGT   Frank D. Matsko Vietnam 16-Aug-08
  CSA GEN   Mark O. Milley Korea 16-Aug-08
  SGT   Eugene L. Overton, Jr. Vietnam 16-Aug-08
  SP5   Gregory P. Phillips Vietnam 16-Aug-08
  COL(Ret)   Ralph Puckett Vietnam 16-Aug-08
  SP5   James D. Roesch Vietnam 16-Aug-08
armymoh.png SGT   Leslie H. Sabo, Jr. - CMH Vietnam 16-Aug-08
  COL(Ret)   Richard M Seitz Vietnam 16-Aug-08
  SP4   Roy D. Skeggs Vietnam 16-Aug-08
  MAJ(Ret)   Mark A. "Zippo" Smith Vietnam 16-Aug-08
  SGT   John R. von Almen Vietnam 16-Aug-08
  LTC   John C. Allred Afghanistan 29-May-09
  CSM   John R. Baldwin Afghanistan 29-May-09
  MAJ   John Bowman Afghanistan 29-May-09
  LTC   Charles Bradley Afghanistan 29-May-09
  SGT   Donald R. Burgett World War II 29-May-09
  LTC   Anthony DeMartino Afghanistan 29-May-09
  LTC   David Ell Afghanistan 29-May-09
  CPT   Jodie K. Glore Vietnam 29-May-09
  SFC   Walter Gott Iraq and Afghanistan 29-May-09
  LTC   Dixon Gunther Afghanistan 29-May-09
  LTC   John Hermeling Afghanistan 29-May-09
  CSM   Otis Hooper Afghanistan 29-May-09
  COL   John P. Johnson Afghanistan 29-May-09
  CSM   Charles Judd Afghanistan 29-May-09
  CSM   Thomas G. Kimball Iraq and Afghanistan 29-May-09
  CPT   Dr. Andrew Lovy, D.O. Vietnam 29-May-09
  MAJ   Daniel Morgan Afghanistan 29-May-09
  SSG   Michael D. Mullins Afghanistan 29-May-09
  LTC   Thomas W. O'Steen Iraq 29-May-09
  LTG(Ret)   Elvy B. Roberts Fort Campbell 29-May-09
  SFC   Forrest Robertson Iraq and Afghanistan 29-May-09
  SFC   Randy A. Shorter Afghanistan 29-May-09
  SFC   John Smith Iraq and Afghanistan 29-May-09
  SSG   Dennis Unger Iraq and Afghanistan 29-May-09
  SPC   Gregory A. Waters Afghanistan 29-May-09
  LTC   Anthony K. Whitson Afghanistan 29-May-09
  CSM   Victor Willburn Afghanistan 29-May-09
  COL(Ret)   Joe R. Alexander Vietnam 12-Nov-09
  CSM(Ret)   Joseph M. Bossi Fort Campbell 12-Nov-09
  SGM(Ret)   John A. Keene Vietnam 12-Nov-09
  CPT(Ret)   Benjamin F. Peters Jr. Vietnam 12-Nov-09
  SSG   Donald E. Thies Vietnam 12-Nov-09
  CSM   Kevin R. Benson Iraq 27-Jul-10
  CPT   James B. Bickerton Vietnam 27-Jul-10
  SGT   Michael C. Bookser Vietnam 27-Jul-10
  1LT   Allen F. Boyd, Jr. Vietnam 27-Jul-10
  CSM(Ret)   Wilbur C. Clouser World War II 27-Jul-10
  PFC   Robert L. Garrett World War II 27-Jul-10
  LTC(Ret)   William M. Hand Vietnam 27-Jul-10
  MAJ(Ret)   Charles F. Hawkins Vietnam 27-Jul-10
  SGT   Robert M. Jones Vietnam 27-Jul-10
  SGT   Michael J. Krawczyk Vietnam 27-Jul-10
  CPT   Michael J. Metzger Vietnam 27-Jul-10
  SP4   Hoyt B. Moore, III Vietnam 27-Jul-10
  SGT   Gilbert C. Rossetter Vietnam 27-Jul-10
  LTC(Ret)   Fredrick L. Spaulding Vietnam 27-Jul-10
  PFC   Donald B. Straith World War II 27-Jul-10
  CSM(Ret)   Grady Thomas Vietnam 27-Jul-10
  MAJ(Ret)   William J. Williams Vietnam 27-Jul-10
  PVT   William T. Wingett World War II 27-Jul-10
  1LT   Fredreick A. Bahlau World War II 11-Nov-11
  SGT   Edward T. Bassista Vietnam 11-Nov-11
  LTC   Ivan P. Beckman Afghanistan 11-Nov-11
  CSM   Anthony R. Broadhead Afghanistan 11-Nov-11
  SGT(Ret)   John F. Colone Vietnam 11-Nov-11
  SGT   Anthony F. Cox Vietnam 11-Nov-11
  SGM(Ret)   Richard P. Doyle Vietnam 11-Nov-11
  MAJ(Ret)   John T. Duckett, III Vietnam 11-Nov-11
  MAJ(Ret)   Thomas F. Gaffney Vietnam 11-Nov-11
  CSM   William L. Gardner Afghanistan 11-Nov-11
  SGT   Germano A. Gomes Vietnam 11-Nov-11
  CPT   James D. Harris, MD Vietnam 11-Nov-11
  SGT   Ronald L. Helwig Fort Campbell 11-Nov-11
  LTC   Donn H. Hill Afghanistan 11-Nov-11
  CSM   Gary R. Holder Afghanistan 11-Nov-11
  SGT   Kenneth G. Johnson World War II 11-Nov-11
  LTC   William B. Johnson Afghanistan 11-Nov-11
  SP4   Thomas J. Lundgren Vietnam 11-Nov-11
  CSM   Thiesman Marsh Afghanistan 11-Nov-11
  PFC   James H. Martin World War II 11-Nov-11
  1LT   Alfred M. May Vietnam 11-Nov-11
  CSM   Christopher J. Menton Afghanistan 11-Nov-11
  SGT   Roosevelt Mitchell Vietnam 11-Nov-11
  SGT   Randall L. Parmley Vietnam 11-Nov-11
  LTC   David J. Preston Afghanistan 11-Nov-11
  LTC   Andrew T. Rendon Afghanistan 11-Nov-11
  COL(Ret)   Edward D. Shames World War II 11-Nov-11
  SP4   Robert C. Smoker Vietnam 11-Nov-11
  SP4   Craig P. Van Hout Vietnam 11-Nov-11
  CPI   Isabelino Vasquez - Rodriguez Vietnam 11-Nov-11
  1LT   Lee E. Widjeskog Vietnam 11-Nov-11
  LTC   David B. Womack Afghanistan 11-Nov-11
  LTC(Ret)   Cermelito Arkangel, MD Vietnam 20-Jul-12
  1LT   James H. Campbell, III Vietnam 20-Jul-12
  SGT(Ret)   Donald E. Dodson Vietnam 20-Jul-12
  MAJ   Mark D. Federovich Afghanistan 20-Jul-12
  CSM(Ret)   Charles W. Fitzpatrick South Korea 20-Jul-12
  MG(Ret)   Benjamin L. Harrison Vietnam 20-Jul-12
  SGT   John O. Lally Vietnam 20-Jul-12
  SSG   Nicholas W. Miller Vietnam 20-Jul-12
  SSG   Gary A. Radford Vietnam 20-Jul-12
  MAJ   Justin Reese Afghanistan 20-Jul-12
  SGM   Hector L. Santos Afghanistan 20-Jul-12
  MAJ   Bradd A. Schulz Afghanistan 20-Jul-12
  CSM   Alonso J. Smith South Korea 20-Jul-12
  PFC   Herbert J. Suerth, Jr World War II 20-Jul-12
  CSM   Ryan L. Alfaro Iraq & Afghanistan 11-Apr-13
      Paul E. Burkey Vietnam 11-Apr-13
  MAJ(Ret)   John A. Flaherty Vietnam 11-Apr-13
  Chaplain LTC(Ret)   Leroy Fox Vietnam 11-Apr-13
  LTG(Ret)   Randolph W. House Vietnam 11-Apr-13
      Charles R. Lieb Vietnam 11-Apr-13
      Lenny I. Long Vietnam 11-Apr-13
      Frank W. Marshall Vietnam 11-Apr-13
  LTC(Ret)   James R. McCall Vietnam 11-Apr-13
      Michael R. Mullican Vietnam 11-Apr-13
  SGT(Ret)   Maxwell D. Ramsey Iraq 11-Apr-13
  COL(Ret)   James S. Roach Vietnam 11-Apr-13
  LTC(Ret)   Terrence M. Smith Vietnam 11-Apr-13
  LTC(Ret)   James C. Warren Vietnam 11-Apr-13
      Gary L. Watrous Vietnam 11-Apr-13
  CPT   Donald R. Workman Vietnam 11-Apr-13
  MAJ(Ret)   Donald E. Zahn World War II 11-Apr-13
      James S. Aanonsen Vietnam 13-Mar-14
  SGT   Stephen P. Bago, Jr. Vietnam 13-Mar-14
  MAJ   Jeffrey J. Barta Afghanistan 13-Mar-14
  LTC   Gegory B. Beaudoin Afghanistan 13-Mar-14
      Gerald A. Cafferty Vietnam 13-Mar-14
  CSM   Lamont Christian Afghanistan 11-Apr-14
  SGT   Paul H. Cline* Vietnam 13-Mar-14
  MAJ(Ret)   Steven E. Cook Vietnam 13-Mar-14
  SSG(Ret)   Marcerl Coulon Vietnam 13-Mar-14
  SFC(Ret)   Merle Delagrange Vietnam 13-Mar-14
  SSG(Ret)   Frederick G. Gilbert Vietnam 13-Mar-14
  MAJ   Jeremy T. Gwinn Afghanistan 13-Mar-14
  COL(Ret)   Glynn W. Hale Vietnam 13-Mar-14
  SGM   George R. Hinsch* Vietnam 13-Mar-14
  COL(Ret)   John J. Johnson Vietnam 13-Mar-14
  COL   Valery C. Keaveny, Jr.  4BCT 13-Mar-14
  LTC   Scott W. Kirkpatrick Afghanistan 13-Mar-14
      Robert W. Lister, Jr. Vietnam 13-Mar-14
  COL(Ret)   Nicholas M. Nahas Vietnam 13-Mar-14
  SSG   Joshua S. Nohelty Iraq and Afghanistan 11-Apr-14
      Carey M. Owen Vietnam 13-Mar-14
  1LT   William A. Pahissa* Vietnam 13-Mar-14
  LTC(Ret)   Darman C. Place, Jr. 4th BCT 13-Mar-14
  MAJ   Christopher O. Roberts Iraq and Afghanistan 11-Apr-14
  LTC(Ret)   Rembeert G. Rollison* Vietnam 13-Mar-14
  SSG   Daniel W. Schonborg Iraq and Afghanistan 13-Mar-14
  SFC   Domenic Smigliani* Vietnam 13-Mar-14
  1LT   Donald N. Speet Vietnam 13-Mar-14
  CSM   Franklin Velez Afghanistan 11-Apr-14
  CPT(Ret)   Stephen C. Wallace Vietnam 13-Mar-14
  SFC(Ret)   J. Edward Weathers Iraq and Afghanistan 11-Apr-14
  MAJ   Matthew W. Weber Afghanistan 13-Mar-14
  SFC   Billy R. Weiland Iraq and Afghanistan 13-Mar-14
      Jeffrey D. Wilcox Vietnam 13-Mar-14
      R. Michael Womack Vietnam 13-Mar-14
  SSG   Jacob R. Wood Iraq and Afghanistan


   CSM    Kerry Bassett  Iraq and Afghanistan 2016
      Robert A. Connolly    
  LTG(R)   Patrick H. Donahue II Currahee 6, Korea 2016
      John Mihalko    
  LTC(R)   Darmin C. Place    
      Robert S. Once    
       Chuck Van Cleve    
       Joseph Beyrle  World War II  00-May-17
      David Canter  Vietnam 00-May-17
      Rolland Christiansen  Vietnam 00-May-17
      Jay Eckhart  Fort Campbell 1964-1967 00-May-17
       Lawrence Fletcher    00-May-17
  CSM   Noel Foster  4BCT 00-May-17
      Glenn Green  Vietnam 00-May-17
  LTC   Joseph E. Halloran, IV  4BCT 00-May-17
      Robert Izumi World War II 00-May-17
      Albert Mampre World War II 00-May-17
      Otto W. May   00-May-17
   SGT   James G. McCoy  Vietnam 00-May-17
      Ronny K. Middlebrook  Vietnam 00-May-17
   1LT   Ken H. Pitetti, Ph.D.  Vietnam 00-May-17
   SGT   Glenn C. Shuman  Vietnam 00-May-17
   SGT   David C. Simond  Vietnam 00-May-17
  LTC   Kurt J. Smith Fort Campbell 2014+ 00-May-17
  SSG   Joseph Starling   00-May-17
  LTC   David R. Waters Fort Campbell 2014+ 00-May-17
   SPC   Gregory T. "Thomas" Weides  Vietnam 00-May-17
       Richard Clanton    
       Ben Currin    
      Leigh Freeman    
      William Galbraith    
      Leonard Goodgal    
      Jarrett Goodman    
      James Harris    
      William Husted    
      Timothy James    
      Calvin Kato    
      Frank Litchfield    
      Chris MacGeorge    
      Jerome Minahan    
      Robert Pagano    
      Carlos Rijos    
      Victor Roubidoux    
      Patrick Skinner    
      James Smith    
      Richard St. John    
      Joshua Sutherland    
      Dale Tauer    
      Matthew Van Arsdale    
       James Waybright    
  CPT   U.S. Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) Iraq, Bravo, 2-506th 21-May-19
  SPC   Christopher Garrett Vietnam, Bravo, 2-506 21-May-19
  SGM   Duane Tedrick, WWII Dog Co, 2-506 21-May-19
  SGT(R)   Michael Rogers Vietnam, 1-506 Inf 21-May-19
  MSG   Charles Klutts OIF, Charlie Co, 1-506 21-May-19
  BG(R)   Dr. Mitchell "Mick" Zais, Ph.D. CDR, 1-506 Inf Bn 21-May-19
  SSG   Justin L. Hoch OEF, Charlie "Fox" 2-506 21-May-19
  CPT   Jason Wright OEF, Charlie "Fox" 2-506 21-May-19
  MSG    Grover Wolford, DSC Vietnam, Charlie Co 2-506 21-May-19
  SSG   Corey Donnelly   Delta "Whiskey" Co, 2-506 21-May-19

HMOR Recipients

Final Rank or at time of HMOR HMOR NAME Connection When Inducted
CSM Lebert Beharie   29-May-09
COL Robert Byrd   29-May-09
CSM Vincent F. Camacho CSM - 101st Airborne Division 29-May-09
MS. Brenda Carlan   29-May-09
COL(Ret) Jerry Cecil CASA 29-May-09
Ms. Kelly Degnan   29-May-09
Judge Robert Echols CASA 29-May-09
LTC Michael R. Fenzel   29-May-09
LTG(Ret) Robert F. Foley   29-May-09
Mrs. T. C. Freeman CASA 29-May-09
Mr. Glen Goodwin Contractor - 506th Memorial Monument Plaza 29-May-09
Mrs. Anna Caryl Guffey CASA 29-May-09
Mr. William Harpel CASA 29-May-09
Mr. Dennis Hearne   29-May-09
Mr. Chuck Henderson CASA 29-May-09
Mr. Ben Kimbrough CASA 29-May-09
Mr. Steve Lathan   29-May-09
BG James C. McConville Duty CMDR - 101st Airborne Division 29-May-09
Mr. Paul Pool   29-May-09
Ms. Petra Wienstedt-Pullens Screaming Eagles of WW II Foundation - Eindhoven, The Netherlands 29-May-09
MG Jeffrey J. Schloesser CMDR - 101st Airborne Division 29-May-09
LTC John M. Scott   29-May-09
Mr. Jack Turner CASA 29-May-09
Mr. Ray Ward   29-May-09
CSM Sean P. Ward   29-May-09
CSM Richard W. Weik   29-May-09
LTC John C. White   29-May-09
SSG Dick L. Winters 506th Abn Inf Reg't Assoc. - WRAMC Hospital Visitation Team Member 29-May-09
1SG Harold J. Murdock 101st Abn Division Assoc. - Vice President 27-Jul-10
Mrs. Peggy Pearson 506th Abn Inf Reg't Association - Administrative Manager 27-Jul-10
Mr. Mark A. Bando Author / Historian 11-Nov-11
Mr. Carlos Boettcher ABC News Film Producer - "Embeddistan" 11-Nov-11
Mr. Michael Boettcher ABC News Film Producer - "Embeddistan" 11-Nov-11
Ms. Lela Hale Chamber of Commerce 11-Nov-11
Mr. Charles Hunt Hunt Memorial, Engraver - 506th Memorial Monument 11-Nov-11
Mr. Lee Irwin Leaf Chronicle Newspaper - Military Affairs Reporter 11-Nov-11
Mr. Eugene Morelli Sculptor - 506th Memorial Monument Eagles 11-Nov-11
Ms. Meg Prior Film Producer - "Outside the Wire" 11-Nov-11
Ms. Teresa Austin Veterans Assistance at WRMMC 20-Jul-12
Ms. Lora Gassett Robert F. Sink Memorial Library 20-Jul-12
Mr. Marcel Jungbauer   11-Apr-13
Mrs. Robin Sink McClelland Daughter of WW II 506th Regimental Commander 11-Apr-13
Ms. Leoni Wenstedt Screaming Eagles WW II Foundation, Netherland 11-Apr-13
MSG Robert A. Barnes 101st Airborne Division Liaison - Walter Reed Army Medical Center 13-Mar-14
LTG(Ret) Sidney B. Berry Acting Commander - 101st Airborne Division during Battle of FSB Ripcord - 1970 13-Mar-14
GEN John F. Campbell Commander - 101st Airborne Division - 2009 to 2011 13-Mar-14
CSM Michael W. Dent Command Sergeant Major, 801st BSB- 2012-2014 11-Apr-14
LTC Larry F. Dillard, Jr Commander - 4th Brigade Special Troop Battalion - 4th BCT, 506th - 2011 to 2014 13-Mar-14
MAJ(Ret) John R. Fox Pilot in support of 2nd Bn, 506 and 101st CG during Battle of FSB Ripcord 13-Mar-14
CSM Michael A. Grinston Command Ssergeant Major - 4th BCT, 506th - 2012 to 2013 13-Mar-14
LTC Gavin Lawrence Commander - 801st Brigade Support Battalion - 4th BCT, 506th - 2011 to 2014 13-Mar-14
BG Ronald F. Lewis Deputy Division Commander (Support) - 101st Airborne Division - 2012 to 2014 13-Mar-14
MAJ Scott McLellan Operations Officer, 4th Brigade Special Troop Battalion - 4th BCT, 506th - 2011-2014 11-Apr-14
MAJ John J. Montgomery Executive Officer - 4th BCT, 506th - 2013 to 2014 13-Mar-14
LTC Lance D. Oskey Deputy Commander - 4th BCT, 506th - 2012 to 2014 13-Mar-14
BG Andrew P. Poppas Deputy Division Commander (Operations) - 101st Airborne Division -2012 to 2014 13-Mar-14
  David Ratee Active Supporter from UK - Cousin of SGT Carl A Rattee, A Co, 3rd Bn- 506th KIA Feb 19, 1968 13-Mar-14
COL(Ret) Jerry D. Rodgers MEDEVAC Pilot in support of Currahees in 1970 13-Mar-14
LTC Thomas T. Sutton Commander - 1st Squadron, 61st Cavalry - 4th BCT, 506th - 2011 to 2014 13-Mar-14
Mr. Joseph Beyrle, II   00-May-17
Ms. Patti Clement   00-May-17
Capt. Dale A. Dye USMC Retired 00-May-17
Ms. Jane Fulkerson    00-May-17
Ms. Kaye Gomes   00-May-17
CPT Tessa J. Klinkhardt   00-May-17
 Mrs.  Kelli E. Loar  Administrative Assistant to the 506th Airborne Infantry Regiment Association and Spouse of Currahee Soldier 00-May-17
BG N.S. Pond   00-May-17
LTC Graham Shannon   00-May-17
 CAPT  Scott Smith, USN Commanding Officer, DDG 1001, U.S.S. Michael Monsoor


 CSM  Thomas Horton  OEF 2008-2009  21-May-19