Board of Directors Approves 2016 Membership Dues Increase and New Life Membership Program

On Wednesday, November 25th the Association's Board of Directors unanimously approved a $5.00 increase for Annual and Five Year Membership Dues in 2016. It should be noted that the last membership dues increase occurred back in 2009; however since that time the Association's expenses have steadily increased.

In addition, the Board unanimously approved a new Life Membership option for 2016, which has been requested over the years. Life membership will simplify the membership process while reducing the long-term cost to members.

It's the Board's hope that the Currahee Nation embraces these changes by continuing to support the Association thus enabling it to grow as well as support our Currahee Veterans and Active Duty Soldiers well into the future.

Membership Levels:

(Note: All Memberships are based upon a calendar year.  Dues received after October 1st will be effective on January 1st of the following year. See Membership forms for current dues.)

  • Regular Membership: (including Regimental and Affiliate Members) is open to all those who have served or are serving in the 506th or in units attached to or supporting the 506th.
  • Associate Membership:  is open to spouses, immediate family members of deceased Regular Members or to other individuals or sponsoring organizations.

Regular Member Benefits include:

  • Participation in leadership activities and activities with other Currahees
  • Electronic distributions of Newsletters and full Membership Rosters
  • Member only website access
  • Member only AcheiveLinks © access to exclusive member discounts and reward points program
  • Currahee event participation

Member Benefits:

The mission of the Association is to preserve, honor and convey the camaraderie, commitment, accomplishments and traditions of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment and its successor units, and of all those served in it.

Regular Member Benefits include:

  • Member voting and Board and Committee participation eligibility – General Membership meetings are held every other year and provide the Members opportunities to interact with other Members and the elected leadership. All Members are encouraged to participate in committees or Board positions that reflect their interests.
  • Distributions of Newsletters and full Membership Rosters – The Currahee: Newsletter is published twice a year and distributed by email to all registered Members with email addresses on file with printed copy available for an additional printing and handling fee. The Currahee: Actions and Issues Report is published in other months summarizing current Association and Unit news of interest.
  • Member only website access – Sections of the Association website are available only to Members including access to Member contact information and current publications.
  • Member only AcheiveLinks © - Members are provided access to exclusive member discounts and reward points program through the Association’s partnership with AcheiveLinks© and its access to discounts to hundreds of well-known retailers and travel sites.
  • Currahee event participation – Members are invited to attend Association and related events and to participate in maintaining the bonds of brotherhood formed in service.

Important Dates

January 31
  • Annual Association Dues