War on Terror Currahees Killed in Action

Currahees have served in the 2nd Infantry Division and the 101st Airborne Division in the War on Terror. Memorial pages for Currahees are being maintained by Division and time of deployment.

This list contains 2nd Infantry Division Deployment 2004 - 2005


First Name

Middle Initial

Last Name


KIA Date

KIA Location



SSG Andrew L Bossert 3/7/05 Ar Ramadi N/A
SSG Marshall H Caddy 11/16/04 Khaladiyah N/A
SSG Kyle A Eggers 12/5/04 Habbaniyah N/A
PFC Michael W Franklin 3/7/05 Ar Ramadi N/A
SSG Juan D Garcia 4/30/05 Ar Ramadi N/A
SFC Todd C Gibbs 12/7/04 Khaladiyah N/A
SSG Sean P Huey 11/11/04 Habbaniyah N/A
SSG Thor H Ingraham 5/8/05 Habbaniyah N/A
PFC Samuel S Lee 3/28/05 Ar Ramadi N/A
PFC Nicolas E Messmer 5/8/05 Khaladiyah N/A
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