Vietnam War Currahees Killed in Action

Currahee Thanks to Richard Coffelt for his continued research, much of which lands on these pages.

First Name

Middle Initial

Last Name


KIA Date

KIA Location



John W Anders C Co, 2nd BN 4/1/71 Quang Tri N/A
James E Andrews C Co, 1st BN 7/3/68 Binh Duong N/A
Robert D Arnall D Co, 3rd BN 12/28/70 Thua Thien N/A
Frank L Asher D Co, 1st BN 7/21/70 Thua Thien Visit
Donald E Ausborn A Co, 2nd BN 8/12/68 Binh Duong N/A
Luke J Azlin B Co, 2nd BN 6/6/69 Thua Thien N/A
John M Babich A Co, 2nd BN 7/22/70 Thua Thien N/A
William S Baker A Co, 2nd BN 7/25/68 Hua Nghia N/A
Elbert J Baker Jr D Co, 1st BN 7/11/69 Thua Thien N/A
Michael L Baldini D Co, 1st BN 6/23/70 Thua Thien N/A