WWII Currahees Killed in Action

General Dwight D. Eisenhower talks to Troopers of the 101st Airborne Division before D-Day invasion.

The following troopers are identified as serving with the 101st Airborne Division 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment during World War II. If you can help identify their unit, dates, location, or other information, please contact us.

Check back often as this page will change. There were 670 Currahees reported killed during World War II up to January 1945. Currahees died in the following battles, 231 at Normandy, 176 in Holland, and 103 at Bastogne. In the three battles 344 Currahees were missing or captured and 1559 were wounded or injured, this project will take some time.


First Name

Middle Initial

Last Name


KIA Date

KIA Location



Pvt Angelo A Bottacin 12/19/44 Noville Belgium N/A
Pvt Harold C Boye A Co, 1st BN 10/6/44 Opheusden Holland N/A
Tec 4 John E Bray Jr I Co, 3rd BN 6/6/44 Magneville Normandy N/A
Tec 5 Jack R Brewer HQ Co, 1st BN 6/12/44 Normandy N/A
Sgt Daniel Brewer B Co, 1st BN 10/15/44 Opheusden Holland N/A
T Sgt Russel J Bright A Co, 1st BN 4/12/45 Himmelgeist Germany N/A
Pvt Robert F Britt SRV Co, 1st BN 10/6/44 Opheusden Holland N/A
Pfc John W Broadhead HQ Co, 2nd BN 9/23/44 Veghel Holland N/A
SSgt Harold J Brogan Jun-44 N/A
Pvt Phillip Broncheau A Co, 1st BN 12/24/44 Belgium N/A